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How to Photograph Lightening

Being one of the most unpredictable forces of nature, lightning storms present a unique challenge for most photographers. We’ve all seen powerful photos of lightning

July 24, 2012 guides
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Getting Up Close with Lenses

Macro and close-up photography can seem complex and intimidating when you don’t know much about the techniques or equipment used. The good news is that

July 24, 2012 guides
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SONY A35 Ratings and Reviews

With a redesigned 16.2-megapixel sensor, Sony’s entry-level DSLR uses a translucent mirror to achieve the same blazing speed that made the A33 and A55 so

July 24, 2012 reviews
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Camera Test: Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR

There’s no questioning the popularity of Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II. After all, it’s a very close second to Apple’s iPhone 4 for the most-used

July 24, 2012 reviews
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7 Pro Tips for Better Portraits

Many decisions go into shooting a single portrait. Often, as we chat with our subjects, we’re not even aware that we’re making choices about framing,

July 24, 2012 Tips
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Guide: Balance Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

This will test your strobist skills: Try balancing the illumination across a scene where both interior and exterior spaces need even, natural-seeming, and color-correct light.

July 24, 2012 guides
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